I don’t have any kids at home, so I don’t know what is the easiest way parents teach their kids to read. But I am sure whit this Talky Talky pen, it is more easier.

Talky Talky pen is just not a pen that can write, but also has to ability to speak as well. It is created to let kids learn how to read. Just presses the tip of the pen onto the words in special coded books and the gadget speaks the word or phrase out loud. A flash memory card in the pen stores the words, so it has some degree of expandability.  The pen features including:

  • Talky Talky can read every sound data which is recorded by Talky coding system on the printing materials
  • Without any other instruments like reading pad, Talky can read.
  • You can use Talky wherever & whenever
  • English education, Local language education, Music education, Blindness education
  • It is very light, not heavy for kids. About 50g excluding batteries
  • Expandable Memory
  • Talky is using Flash Memory (Downloadable, expandable)
  • You can give more contents by downloading them after consumers buy the books
  • International Standard & Patent
  • The manufacturer has patent and control all the process with standard coding system
  • Companies can exchange their contents over the world

Kids may like this kind of fun learning because they tend to like toys that can make sounds.


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