We know that the ancient Chinese has invented a lot of useful stuff like paper, compass and the fireworks that we always seen. But besides that there are some other things that really fun to play, for example the Sky Lanterns.  Chinese lanterns are claimed to date as far back as the 3rd century AD as a type of signalling balloon.

The Sky Lanterns also known as Wish Lantern, floating lanterns, glow lanterns, sky lanterns and sky candles. For whatever it name is, it is actually kind of mini hot air balloons. To play, just simply light the fuel cell at the bottom of the lantern and watch as it gracefully floats up into the sky. After release the Wish Lantern will burn for approximately twelve minutes, and then self-extinguish and float gently to the ground.  It is made of 100% biodegradable material they will bio-degrade in two to three days. So this wish lanterns are completely environmentally friendly and safe to use.

The Sky Lantern is ideal for the Valentine’s day, weddings, engagement parties or even this upcoming Christmas and New Year gathering.