mind_flex_mattel_game-2We used to think control an object by human mind is the movie fiction. That was people’s fantasy. In fact, when I was a kid, I always dream about having this supernatural power….

When I saw this Mattel’s Mindflex Game, I thought “OMG! it’s really near my childhood’s dream.”  The Mattel’s Mindflex Game consists of a sponge ball that you can levitate by using the power of your brain. The ball floats by means of a fan but the speed of the fan is directly controlled by your brain activity as measured by the aforementioned headgear. Brilliant!

So far this toys is only able to levitate a ping pong size ball, but I think this technology can be applied in other places. Who know we are using our mind power to drive a car in the future.

Mindflex will hit the market at the Fall of 2009 and will retail for ~$80.

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