Get your NES and SNES games out of the garbage and dust them off!  You are now can ready to enjoy your childhood again! People that born at 80s (or late 70s) definitely know this. Before Play Station and Xbox entered market, NES and SNES games were the hottest video game.  Maybe they are not high-tech or fancy as PlayStation, but they does give us a lot of sweet memory.

This Multiple Video Game Console System that allows you to play most of your old favorites in one system. It works with most NES and SNES games including imports from Japan, and will accept all 16-bit controllers, ans is specially designed to hold your cartridges firmly in place. It able connects to your TV via standard composite video out or s-video out and comes with two SNES style controllers, what’s more it also compatible with original SNES controllers.

*Note that this Retro Duo does not come with any cartridges or a built in game. If you want to buy the games, Amazon got plenty of it.