Before the semiconductor has been invented, the Vacuum Tube were critical to the development of electronic technology, which drove the expansion and commercialization of radio broadcasting, television, radar, sound reproduction, large telephone networks, analog and digital computers, and industrial process control. However, nowadays the vacuum tube is rarely seen on electronic devices. Frankly, Besides from books, I never see a real vacuum tube until I see this – The Vacuum Tube Radio.


TheJonas Damon 2B Ltd. Edition Vacuum Tube Radio uses three vacuum tubes to broadcast signals in big, warm, radiant sound. The radio work for AM/FM tuner of course, and there is an AUX IN jack is located on the back panel of the radio for external audio sources (CD, PC, MP3, etc.)


This is a pretty retro device. Features are pretty limited too, but people same as my grandfather’s age (born around world war II) will definitely familiar with this.


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