I think most of you must have your favorite music cassettes collections in your closet or store room. Yes, I am also from the ‘cassette’s age’, and have a bunch of cassettes  under my bed. It is not I already forgot the existence of them, I just don’t have a cassette player to play those cassette. I don’t even know how my last cassette player is gone.  However, if you like me want to listen back the ‘good old days’ songs maybe you should have this all in one audio device – LP-R550.

‘Teac Japan announced the LP-R550 today [JP], a kind of Swiss Army knife for audio freaks. Buyers get a turntable, a cassette player/recorder, a CD player/recorder and a PLL synthesized AM/FM stereo tuner. Teac released a similar device on the Japanese market just a few months ago.

The CD unit supports CD/CD-R/CD-RW, while the 3-speed turntable supports 33(LP)/45(EP)/78(SP) and features auto return. The LP-R550 also has built-in 3.5W×2ch speakers and comes with a remote control.’...Crunchgear


The only disadvantage of LP-R550 is lack of the USB port to make it possible to plug it into your PC.