Did you ever wonder how fast is a baseball you throw? Well, formerly it use camera to record the the flying ball and use dedicated software to calculate the speed of it. That is normally for professionally use only, we ordinary people seldom have to chance to know our throwing speed.  However, with this Speed Sensor Baseball from Markwort, now everybody got the chance to know how fast you can throw a baseball.

The Speed Sensor Baseball  has a built in sensor implanted to record the speed automatically the moment the ball is released.  All you have to do is measure distance between pitcher and catcher with included measuring string and choose one of 8 predetermined distances (6m, 9m, 12m, 14m, 16m, 18.44m, 21m and 24m), than press start and throw the ball. Once the catcher get the ball, the speed will be show at the LCD display in MPH.  The baseball is in exactly official size and weight so the result you get from the test is exactly what you got on your real game.

Speed Sensor Baseball-pictures-pictures

However, noticed that the baseball is just from training aids so it could not be hit with a bat or on hard surfaces.