Star Wars no doubt is one of the greatest cult movie in the world, of course there are plenty of books that regarding about this movie. But this Sounds of Star Wars isn’t an ordinary book that you see. In fact, it is an interactive book with a little speaker-machine attached to the side so you can type in a number corresponding to a certain sound from the movies to hear it, along with how it was made.

New York Times best-selling author J. W. Rinzler reveals the illuminating history of the sounds that make the Star Wars universe so believable, as recounted by their creator, legendary sound designer Ben Burtt. An attached sound module with an exterior speaker and headphone jack lets readers listen to more than 250 unique sound effects, and more than 300 photographs illustrate the many memorable scenes.

Obviously, this The Sounds of Star Wars is basically a Star wars’s encyclopedia with audio embedded and can be categorized as a ‘cult’ book. If you are die heart fan of Star Wars, you probably not gonna miss this.

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