Well, maybe you have a housemate that always steal your last bottle of beer, or a mother want to keep their children from junk food, and even you are on a diet and don’t want to lured by those chocolate cakes. All these reason make enough for to have this Fridge Locker.

This 11 x 7.5 x 7.5 inches fridge locker can make your food Safe from ” mysteriously vanished” at home, dorm or the office. It comes with a combination lock that can be set with any combination, so remember not to forget your codes. As you put this locker in the fridge, the food thieve will know what you mean by that. But if he/she is real shameless bastard, i think they will still stab a spoon between the slats and straight through the top of  a yogurt and eat it. If you indeed meet with people like this,  then just call the police.

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