Christmas is just around the corner, some couples are already planning what to do at that romantic white season.  If you still can’t come out any idea, then try this Truth, Dare or Chocolate Board Game for Couples.

Inspired by the age-old game of Spin the Bottle, this board game come with a spinners, two jars of delicious body frosting, two soft brushes and theTruth, Dare or Chocolate game cards. The game also has included the game instruction, which is teach you how to play the game. But be frank, this game is made for couple to add joy in the relationship, so you can play by own rule.

Board Game for Couples-pictures

Of course, it is also not necessary must be on Christmas day, you can play the game in other big days too like Valentine, birthday,  or anniversary. But don’t get too often, or you will be get bored very soon.