Why eat boring old bread when you can toast it? Why not make it more interesting by writing a message on your toast? Quite simply, the Mood Toast device turns the humble piece of toasted bread into a message-carrying medium. Simply press one of these two moulds against your bread prior to toasting, quickly pop into the toaster and bingo. When it’s done, a secret message will be revealed in the newly-browned bread; either ‘Good Morning’, or, for the romantically inclined, ‘I Love You’, complete with heart shape for good measure.

Love is in the air and waking up in the morning with your better half is a wonderful thing to cherish. So why don’t you set the mood every morning. Make her/him feel their importance by preparing them mood stamped toast, be it in bed or on the garden area. This set of bread stampers cost about £5.00, so if you want to change your morning habit give this gadget as a gift this valentines.