To live in eco-friendly lifestyle, there is always advised not to drinking bottle water. Some said the bottle water is likely are from tap water. So this Filtrete 3M Filtrete Water Station is designed for people to grab a bottle of water when they are about to leave their home.

Filtrete Water Station quickly filters tap water directly into four 16.9-oz. bottles reducing chlorine taste, odor and sediment. Each Filtrete Water Station Starter Kit comes with four bottles and a Filtrete Fast Flow filter that lasts up to 100 gallons, or about three months.

Filtrete Water Station Starter Kit:

  1. Quickly filters tap water to improve taste, odor and clarity
  2. Saves up to 3,000 bottles of water a year
  3. 100-gallon filter lasts up to 3 months
  4. Four 16.9-oz dishwasher safe, BPA-free bottles