If you like to cooking by follow on cook books, you probably run into these phrases, “8 ounce cream cheese” ;”3/4 teaspoon salt” and get confused by them.  The problem is not on cheese and salt, you can get those ingredients in nearby convenient store. What does really matter is the amount of those ingredients, how you measure 8 ounces in your kitchen? Well, you need a measuring tool.

The Admetior Digital Spoon Scale is a great measuring tool that precisely measure both volume and weight of common ingredients such as spices, baking powder, salt, pepper powder and even wet ingredients like yogurt or color additives. It comes with two removable spoons and an ergonomic handle with integrated digital display and easy-to-use control button.

This kitchen weighing scale also comes with a digital display which is easy to read and can accurately measure to the nearest tenth of a gram or ounce. It can measure a maximum of 300 grams and is available in two sizes. A 3-tablespoon scoop for larger measurements and 1-1/2-tablespoon scoop for smaller items.