I like to watching TV while having a meal, but my dinning room don’t have TV. So every time I have my meal I got to go to the living room. I know lot of people out there have the same habit like me. But we all face the same problem: the coffee table is to low or too far from the couch, it is not comfortable bending your back while you are eating.  So this Table Mate is just made for people like us.


Not for only eaating, the Table Mate also can be use for typing on a laptop, studying, reading, writing, drawing, playing board games, building models, gardening, or serving hors d’oeuvres. It is really easy to assemble, no tools or fasteners required. And it can be adjusts to six different heights and four angles to suit your task completely. The Sturdy polypropylene tabletop is bordered by a spill-catching lip, and weight only 12 pounds. It can easily folds down neatly and store it under a sofa, or in a closet when not in use and it is perfect portable table to use for anything you would use a table surface for.