Let’s face it, we always complaint our electronic gadget battery life is too short for us to use. To slove this problem, you might carry a spare battery, but it is still can’t ensure the spare battery has sufficient energy if you travel to a long trip. Luckily some smart guys invented this – Universal Gadget Wrist Charger.

Yes, this great portable charger is for extending the battery life of your handheld game system or cell phones while traveling. It is only 82 grams and an additional stretch extension cord allows you to reach electronics without taking off the wrist band.  The bracelet is recharged via USB connection and included 9 adapters to ensure supplied a variety of new devices from  mobile phones, MP3/MP4, PSP, NDS, IPOD, iPad and iPhone4/4S. To use, just plug your gadget to the bracer and there is integrated LED lights show charge status.