Portable, fashionable, functional. Sometimes you just don’t want to get up from your ultra-modern sofa, but you have that nagging feeling that you’ve got a report due by tomorrow morning. Why not use the Offi: Overlap Tray to kill two birds with one stone? You can work in comfort and enhance the modern style of your home at the same time. The main surface area is large enough for a laptop, traditional pencil and paper or even a plate for your significant other’s breakfast in bed, while the cork on the smaller sidepiece ensures that glasses and pens stay put. You can find the Offi: Overlap Tray on sale for $159.00 (Birch), $179.00(Oak), or $199.00 (Walnut) by visiting InMod.com.

offi-overlap-tray-pictures-1By : Padstyle