Well, this gadget is what I found on Amazon and I found it is very weird but fun. This remote is a gadget to ‘control’ your lover. Read it description:

“Why waste precious time and energy trying to ‘control’ the thoughts and actions of your significant other when you can automate the process? Let our talking remote controllers do it for you. Heard all you can bear to hear? Just push a button. Need an instant attitude adjustment? Just push a button! Wanna turn up the romance? Just¿push a button! Each controller delivers 18 hilarious verbal one-offs and accompanying sound effects sure to put your guy or gal on the right track, while ensuring your right of self expression! Who knew controlling your mate could be as easy (and entertaining) as surfing the channels?! ”

It sounds very fun but I don’t think it really work.

Anyway, there are two type of “Perfect Solutions Talking Remote”. One is “Perfect Solutions ‘Control-Your-Woman’ Talking Remote”  for man, and other one is “Perfect Solutions ‘Control-Your-Man’ Talking Remote” for women