Satellite Radio Rocks! Satellite radio gives static free, CD quality music and most of the available music stations (hundreds of them) are commercial free.  Through Satelite radio, you can listen to virtually any genre or sub-genre of music at whim ; i.e., country music — would you like it to be traditional country, bluegrass country or progressive country?  But before you can enjoy music from satellite, you will need a satellite music receivers, and now you can have PORTABLE Satellite radio and MP3 Player capability in one cool device – the SIRIUS Stiletto 2!

The SIRIUS Stiletto 2 puts Portable Satellite Radio right in the palm of your hand! Smaller than most cell phones and weighing in at 4.3 ounces it packs quite a sound punch. The signal from SIRIUS in combination with the included ALTEC Lansing Headset antenna gives a crisp, clear enjoyable sound. You can record up to 100 hours of your favorite programming from the radio; even schedule ahead of time when you want to record.

No longer are you confined to your car or home to listen to your favorite Satellite radio program — now you can take it with you! Anywhere you go, just listen to SIRIUS radio over any WiFi signal. With SIRIUS Replay you can pause, rewind and replay 60 minutes of live programs.

Sports broadcasting is a major advantage. Play-by-play coverage for all games in all professional sports arenas. The Sirius Stiletto 2 radio allows you to follow your teams with special included software.You can even follow your sport teams with a Personalized Sports Ticker, Sports Alert and My Game Zone.

Take your personal music library with you by way of Micro SD card and your “MP3 Player” is good to go! Don’t pay all that money for an MP3 Player when you can get Satellite Radio and MP3 Player capability in one small device.