Want to view your images/videos from your iphone/ipad to a bigger screen? Perhaps by a projector? Yes, When it comes to ultra-miniature laser display technology, Microvision is the company to go to. Now they created the world’s first laser pico projector let you enjoy deep, rich color projection with bright and vivid laser images that are always in focus.

At a height of .55 inches and width of 2.36 inches, it is able to create an impressive image up to 100 inches in size, with WVGA resolution (848 x 480). According to the manual and what I saw at E3, it should “project on any surface, curved, moving or still, without having to focus or refocus”.

The battery is good for about 2 hours worth of use, and it is great for sharing videos, photos, and presentations in a 16:9 aspect ratio with a brightness of 15 lumens.

Beside iPhone, the SHOWWX+ is designed to work with all kinds of mobile devices, like the iPhone, iPod, or iPad. A VGA dock is sold separately, which should be good for laptops, netbooks, and the Macbook. It also has a composite adapter for other TV-out devices.