weasner-myskyWant to explore the sky but can’t afford for a telescope? Okay, why don’t use this Meade mySky as alternative? Yes, Meade has introduces a revolutionary way to explore our universe with its little handy gadget.

Just point, shoot and see the stars. This interactive, multi-media guide to the night sky fits in the palm of your hand, identifying celestial objects with GPS technology for display on its full-color.

Weasner has a review on this gadget:
“Overall, the mySKY makes a good learning tool. I remember when I was first learning the night sky back a few decades ago; I used a “planisphere” to show what constellations were visible at specific dates/times. It was a big help and taught me to recognize the constellations and bright stars. Now the mySKY brings the planisphere to the 21st Century (at a 21st Century price) with lots of capabilities never dreamed of when I was using the planisphere all those decades ago. You can have the mySKY step you through each of the stars that outline each constellation, pointing the mySKY at each star; this will help you learn the constellations. You can also select from several “tours” (similar to the tours on the AutoStar), including “Tonights Best”. You can get a true multimedia experience with the mySKY as you learn the night sky. For use at star parties you may want to connect external speakers to the mySKY as indicated earlier. The screen is bright enough that several people will be able to see it if they stand close.”