Well, this maybe is another gadget you would like to bring along with you to swimming pool, besides swimming suits and the swim goggle. This called swLZR Aquabeat Racer is a waterproof mp3 player that let you listen to the music even when you are in the water.

lzr-aquabeat-racer-waterproof-mp3-playerThis ergonomic, rubber MP3 player has a storage 2GB of memory and and can play upto 30 minutes of underwater swimming. Since it is use in the water, the Speedo LZR Racer does not come with any display and has just the basic audio controls such as play, stop, volume controls, and track controls.

You will not able to bring this mp3 player to scuba-diving though it is waterproof. It has a depth limit of about 10 ft (3M). This device will be retail for ¥12,800 ($128), but only in Japan.