I bet most of the people occasionally do these (especially music lovers) – tapping your fingernails on the table, clicking the top of a pen, drumming a teaspoon on a biscuit tin or slapping your legs. If you do, then why don’t get something more fun to tap on. This Finger Drums is made for you!

This is not the finger drums that you found on your smartphone app. It is a real drum set but in miniature size. This super finger-sensitive tiny drums include large and small tom-tom, bass drum with (small!) foot pedal, snare and cymbal, just like the standard drum set. Tap the snare, the small and the big tom tom, and hit the base as this real life sounding drum plays your masterpiece! There is a freestyle mode, and even better, you can record what you create and use it for real when you get back to the real world.