How many of you read the maps while you are traveling on some place you don’t know? Annoying isn’t? Because you have to fold and unfold the paper maps and may use your magnifying glass (someone need this) to read the map.  not so convenient and sometimes take long time to exactly find where you are. Well, if you had the Maptor then this wouldn’t be a problem.


Designed by 2 students from Korea, Jin-Sun Park and Seon-keun Park, the Maptor is this wonderful combination of a map and projector by downloading a map on a Maptor device, a user can then project a map onto a surface such as the wall, ground, or a hand. For only size of a lipstick, the Maptor also included the GPS receiver, by simply pressing a button the machine turns on and tells you exactly where you are.


However, the Maptor is only a conceptual stage, that’s mean you will not seeing this device on the market.