Like to add extra inches for your monitor? No need to buy another monitor, just use this  7″ Swivel LCD Screen Mini Display, it will help you through your busy working days. It is a small monitor runs completely off of USB, giving you an extra mini display whenever and wherever you need it.

The MIMO USB Powered display is perfect for your IM client, widgets, PC gaming tools, your email, a spreadsheet, your PhotoShop tools, or even video. It helps a lot when you have to do two things at once such as referring to notes while writing an e-mail, checking info in a spreadsheet while entering data into a web page and etc…what’s more the screen is able to work in portrait or landscape mode too.

USB LCD Screen Mini Display-pictures-1

USB LCD Screen Mini Display-pictures-2

The Mimo has a built in video card that runs over any USB 2.0 connection. So just plug in to your USB port, you will have the additional monitor space at the ready.