There’s a million cheap – and more importantly – ugly USB drives out there. Most company just gave them away for free, but who wants one of those non de-script, silver and black USB drives? They are all pretty damn boring,If you want those, check out your local dollar store, we are sure they’ll have a bunch ready and waiting there. If you don’t want those, but are looking for something a little more unusual, try any one of below.

1.Natural USB Memory Stick

natural-usb-memory-stick-1 natural-usb-memory-stick-2

Made out of hand selected wood, no single stick is identical to another, made from Guido Ooms. They certainly create an amazing tension between the cold machine and the natural appearance of the memory stick…

2.ZipZip USB Memory Brick

zipzip-usb-memory-brick-1 zipzip-usb-memory-brick-2

Novelty USB flash drives are always cool, so why not have one made in the shape of a lego? Why not add some nostalgic pleasure to your working day with your very own brick USB stick? The ZipZip USB memory brick comes in all the lego colors: black, red, yellow, green, and blue.

3.Porcelain Memory

porcelain-memory-1 porcelain-memory-2

There is something delicately beautiful (yet techy) about having a porcelain usb key. The Porcelain Memory turns the traditional notion of a memory stick on its head and offers a hand crafted, beautifully glazed piece of technology in a non-tech body

4.Folderix USB Thumb drive

folderix-usb-thumb-drive-1 folderix-usb-thumb-drive-2

The Folderix USB thumb drives by Art Lebedev comes in a simple look that bears a resemblance to the iconic folder we see almost everyday on our computers. A simple yet elegant design for a USB flash drive.

5.Hacked USB Drive

hacked-usb-drive-1 hacked-usb-drive-2

Yes people will probably stare at you and think what the hell happened?! Or just went and TORE MY FREAKING USB CABLE IN HALF while it was still attached to my laptop! Calm down man, that’s just my USB flash drive.