Teaching your children how to tell the time is not an easy task. So if there is an accessory to help you with this, it is time saving and make things easier . The Teach Me Time Talking Alarm Clock clock from American Innovative is the one that you needed.

The Teach Me Time actually is an adorable child’s bedside alarm clock, time teaching tool, and dual-color nightlight all in one.  This clock was formed in order to be incredibly interesting and fun and also has many other functions including a dual digital and analogue clock face, a night light, an alarm function and a snooze setting feature.

From ages 3-5 Teach me Time!’s color-changing nightlight teaches kids to stay in bed until its “Ok to wake!” The nightlight timer is programmed to turn on and off at any time of the day. Parents can customize the “Ok to wake” time, when the glow color changes from yellow to green…. “Green means Go!” From ages 5-7, the Teach me Time! interactive, talking game helps school age kids learn to tell time on both anaolg and digital clocks. And for children seven and above, Teach Me Time is a fully functional alarm clock with a snooze function, just like mom and dad’s.

With this  clock, your child should be able to know that this is the right time when they are able to get up out of their toddler bed.