Owl Earbud Holder

Do you really need a earbud holder for your headset? For me, I don’t think so. I just wrap my earbuds around the mp3 player itself. But I have to admit the wire is easy to get tangled. This DIY owl earbud holder is an elegant solution to the tangled Read more…


Lightspot is a plant pot and also is a lamp. Designed by Kfir Schwalb and Orit Magia from studio shulab, this lightpot uses LED lighting to grow herbs and small plants in it. The design is simple but beautiful. LightPot still a prototype, but they have the plans to bring Read more…

Maum tea bag

This is just an amazing idea to add fun to your tea break. This creative and fun tea bags called Maum was created by Korean designers from wdaru. There has a series of these tea bags with different personalities so you can pick the right one to fit your mood.

Swell Vases

Simple ideas sometime can turn out to be the most attention-worthy, like this one Swell Vase is just one of them. Designed by Germen designer, Anika Engelbrecht combines ceramic vessels with colorful balloons to create these Swell Vases. Great idea!

YogaToes – Toes Massager

I don’t sure whether our toes really need a massage, but this little gadget claims that help stretch, strengthen and straighten your toes while you relax. The YogaToes Can Help: Exercise your feet to stay healthy & in shape. Improve & prevent foot problems by stretching & aligning your toes. Read more…