If the gym isn’t your thing or you want to work out in the privacy of your home, backyard, or hotel, this practical solution will make sure you can stay fit. The TRX Suspension Trainer Professional is more than just the most versatile piece of exercise equipment available, it’s a complete training system. The trainer offers a host of valuable benefits: it’s easy to set up and highly portable, with a compact, lightweight design that works at home or on the go.

This easy-to-use, take-it-anywhere anchor affixes to any solid door and won’t damage paint or wood. Now you can get your full TRX workout anywhere there’s a door. The Door Anchor’s nylon, high-density foam, and felt system slips easily over the top of any solid wood or metal door and, when the door is shut, offers 100% sturdy support. It won’t scratch or damage paint or wood, and it folds up for easy storage and portability.

To ensure your success, every TRX Suspension Trainer Professional package includes complete usage instructions, training tips and a comprehensive full body workout that can be adapted as your fitness improves.