Well, if you already have Wii then you probably don’t need this. But if you don’t have Wii and willing to play virtual Goft game to practice your skill, this Play TV Golf is an good alternative, and it is definately cheaper than Wii.

This is a Plug ‘n’ Play Real Swing Golf game that doesn’t need a console board to work. All you need to do is plugs into the AV sockets on your television and you are ready to go. The TV will show you a standard 18-hole course in the tournament, match, and round or even mini-games like the Par 3 Challenge, a putting green, or a target range.  The swing, speed and path of your play is detected by an ultra responsive CMOS camera and the outcome will be transfer to the television screen.

Play TV Golf- Play Swing Golf-game-info-details

For those who does not has the chance to hit the green, It could be a cool Christmas gift for him.

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