If you still can’t figure out what to buy as Christmas gift to your boys, then this Motion Mimicking Robotic Pugilists is a good choices. As a man, I know how badly boys like robot toys because I used to very fancy to it too.

Motion Mimicking Robotic Pugilists-pictures

This Motion Mimicking Robotic Pugilists is an ordinary remote controlled robot. Maybe influenced by Wii, this robot uses infrared controllers have built-in tilt sensors and accelerometers to detect when you move your hands. So when you punch, the robot punches. It interpreting your hand motions to execute left jabs and right hooks as you attempt to outbox your opponent.  The punches is targeting middle of robot’s chest, as you successfully give a hit,  it will display a “hit” on the four-LED display just above the target. No way to cheat. With just four successful hit, you can beat down the enemy.