Lego always to have fun to play. Whether you are kid or an adult there are alway some reason for you to have a set of Lego. When you go to LegoLand, you will see city that made by entire Lego bricks. If you haven’t got the chance to get there, now you can have the Lego City in your home.

The Lego City was first known as Lego town, where there are various set of theme like police, trains, fire, airport, hospital and etc to built up a whole city. Building a Lego city is a great way to enjoy your entire Lego collection all at once. The Lego City collection set now available including:

  • LEGO City Camper
  • LEGO City Police Helicopter
  • LEGO City Fire Truck
  • LEGO City Police Headquarters
  • LEGO City Corner
  • LEGO City Advent Calendar
  • LEGO City Small Car
  • LEGO City Seaplane
  • LEGO City Fire Helicopter
  • LEGO City Off Road Fire Rescue
  • LEGO City Police Motorcycle
  • LEGO City Fire Station
  • LEGO City Police Command Center
  • ….and many more

Getting all your Lego sets together in a Lego city entices the imagination and encourages the creation of new Lego structures.