The Khet, is a laser, chess-like board game, formerly known as Deflexion. Now it has been redesigned with adding laser in it. Khet is an abstract strategy game for two players. It is something like a cross between Checkers and Chess and yet nothing like them at all. The game combine classic strategy with the physics of lasers and optics to master this game of skill.

Game play is simple, and easy to learn, as there are only 3 movement choices. Khet involves the strategic movement of four egyption-themed playing pieces along a grid. Your goal is to obliterate your opponents pieces through the deflection of a laser beam via the angled mirrors mounted on the pieces.  Each side of the board is equipped with its own laser, which you press after your turn. The laser bounces from mirror to mirror (always shooting off at a 90 degree angle). If the laser hits any piece on a non-reflective surface, that piece is removed from play. If you eliminate your opponent’s Pharaoh, you win. If you eliminate your own Pharaoh, you will be mocked for all time.

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