My first time playing Duck Hunt is on my Nintendo video game when I was a kid. I know now maybe the game is available in Wii version. But the hunting area only limited in the TV screen only.  So if you really want to experiencing the real duck hunting, without real guns and ducks, this Duck Hunt  live-action shooting game is really good choice.


Charge it just for 10 seconds and you will see a mechanical bird flap up and down 500 times per minute and can fly left, right or circle or fly straight that last for 30 seconds. And use the infrared gun to bring it down.

It is not a toy for kids. Just take it to the office and you’ll have the whole team quacking up. Bring it out at a party and everyone will flock to it. Give it to your best buddy, being birds of a feather they’re sure to love it just as much as you. And real ducks the world over will breathe a sigh of relief.