The Bossa Nova Prime 8 Gorrilla Robot is the fastest robot we ever seen! Its massive arms are actually wheels that can spin in tandem or separately to steer, dance or just act crazy. Hidden inside its yellow body are two plastic feet that glide out when Prime-8 wants to stand up. This remote-controlled robot includes infrared sensors on its front and back that it uses to “see” other Prime-8s and navigate its environment and guard your home. If you attach its spring-loaded rubber dart guns, it’ll shoot at anything that moves.

Bossa Nova Prime 8 Gorrilla Robot-pictures

Prime-8 is also full of sensing technology that allows him to ‘see’ the world and ‘understand’ himself. This allows him to autonomously explore his environment, interact with the user, and correct himself automatically if he falls. Prime-8 has over 90 animations and features. There are 5 different action games he can play and he’s fully programmable to do your own tricks., from shoot lazers, fire missiles, protect your room and loads more.