We are all impressed by the robots we seen on transformer and wonder people can make this kind of fancy robot in real life.  No need to be as huge as a skyscraper, a little one would be very amazed. However it seem it is impossible presently to do that, but we still can do it in a simple way.

This is 6 in 1 Solar Robot Kit is able to transforming a total of 6 different robots with a single kit. What more you’ll no need worry of buying batteries because it can obtain its power from solar power. If you run out of sunlight for some reason, you can also charge this up by utilizing a 50 watt bulb or brighter. It is a pretty eco-friendly toy.


There are a grand total of 25 parts and no screws at all so it is very easy to built your own robot with a help of an instruction manual. What you can build from this kit including Robotic Dog, Boat, Moving Plane, Car, Windmill and a Desktop Plane.

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