You probably like to bring your music player along with you when go to campina. You also like to share your music with friends, but bring a speaker along with you seems so redundant. So just pick this Coleman Quickbed mattress that has a built-in speakers for MP3 players. Let everybody enjoy your music.


This inflatable bed is an air mattress to take camping for people who hate camping.comes with a built-in amplifier and pair of speakers, so you can easily connect your iPod or portable CD/MP3 player for all-out listening pleasure in the great outdoors.

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Joe · February 24, 2012 at 3:05 am

I saw this idea on a mattress at the SEMA show a couple years ago. The company was AirBedz, they make a mattress that fits in pick up truck beds and they put speakers in in one on both sides of the pump. Cool idea.

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