Coming to you in August 2009 is a new business that allows you to replace your favorite actors in some of Hollywood’s top movies. Aspiring actors and actresses, you might never make it to the big screen, but with this up-and-coming company you can pretend.

Yoostar is a company that provides the equipment needed for your own home video production…no, not that kind of home video; but the kind where you can replace your favorite starts in the hottest Hollywood movies past and present. The Yoostar system is like a pimped out web cam that’s workable my remote control that can plug into a Mac or PC. It also comes with a green screen so that as you film, you don’t pick up any background surroundings so you can be incorporated right into the film you’re making flawlessly.

Essentially, all you have to do is choose the movie you’d like to make; and then you follow the instructions to film and replace the movie star. Yes, this is one business that can feed your ego and your movie star aspirations all in one fowl swoop. So hurry up you narcissists, reserve your Yoostar systems now and be ready for your big internet movie debut in August!

By: InventorSpot

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