Frustrated by the itchy that cause by mosquito bite? You maybe tired of using your hand to scratching your skin continuously. Why don’t using this electronic Itch Stopper instead? Simply apply the electronic Itch stopper on the part that is itching for about 20 seconds, the itch will be gone for the entire day!

The idea of an electronic Itch Stopper might seem a little crazy but there are indeed some people who need it because they are allergic to creams and gels which usually deal with itches. The device works by applying infrared heat directly on itching spot (insect bite usually) activating the thermal pain receptors in the upper skin layer and thus tricking the skin to “forget” about the itch. The itch, redness and swelling are reduced within seconds.

The Itch Stopper is scientifically proven does not cause DNA damage, or skin-cancer and is FDA approved for over the counter use. So it is safe to use. What’s more, this device is portable so you can bring it to anywhere.