Most of us wear a watch on our wrists, but how many of those actually illuminate at night so that you can tell the time at a glance? This isn’t exactly an essential feature but a nice one to have, although many more people now rely on their cellphones to tell the time while using the screen’s bright light to double up as an imprompty flashlight in the process. Enter the Flashlight Wristwatch that merges both devices into a single model.

This is the wristwatch that has three LEDs in its face that provide bright illumination or a soft, ambient glow. The LEDs are located at the Noon, four, and eight positions on the watch; the first press of the button causes the LEDs to generate soft blue light that illuminates the watch’s face–ideal for reading a theater program–and the second press generates bright white light. A third press of the button shuts off all LEDs. The white LEDs can illuminate subjects up to 10′ away, ideal for finding keys and opening a door at night. The rechargeable watch uses electromagnetic quartz movement for precise timekeeping for up to three months on an eight-hour charge from the included charging stand. The hands and markers are luminescent. The solid stainless steel case and mineral crystal dome provide a sealed environment that is water-resistant down to 165′.

If dad is in need of a new watch this coming Father’s Day, have you considered the $149.95 Flashlight Wristwatch? After all, Internet shopping helps relieve you of driving down to the store and jostling for your place in line with the rest of the commoners.

Source: Coolest-Gadgets

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