Tidiness is supposedly a virtue. It could also be viewed as a disease, an obsession with order at the expense of utility. I firmly disagree with this second statement: I’m a Virgo, and therefore everything must be in place at all times lest I am thrown into an OCD-stoked rage.

I am also too lazy to actually tidy up, which is why this stool from Berlin design team LLot Llov, cutely named Todd, is ideal. A useless stack of twisted metal out of the box, it only becomes a comfy stool when clothes are tossed and strewn across its top. What could be more perfect? Everyone, and I mean everyone, throws their laundry, dirty or clean, onto a chair or stool out of sheer lackadaisical lethargy. Bonus: Put a burner below, and a paella pan on top, and you have the making of a great picnic. Or you would, if Todd could be bought. I’d urge you to write an convince the folks at LLot Llov to produce them but, like you, you lazybones, I really  can’t be bothered.cushionless-stool-pictures

By: Wired

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