It’s been less and less people wearing their watch since the cell phone has become so common. It’s probably because it is cumbersome to hang too many stuff on your body. And the watch has nothing to do except been a time tellers.  However, this Citizen AIBATO M is different. It is more than a watch that can work with your cell phone.


AIBATO M is a watch that will allow its respective owners to wirelessly connect it (via Bluetooth) to their phone and trigger the camera, browse emails and show (vibrate on) call and message alerts and even news tickers right on the watch’s display.  This can help you avoid to dig your cellphone out of your pocket only to find it’s a call from someone you didn’t want to talk to or just simply read an annoying spam sms.

The size of measuring AIBATO M  43.6×54.3×13.3 mm and weighing around 100 grams. It can work for up to five days with a full battery and after that you can recharge via an included desk-stand. However, not all functions will work with every device. Citizen says that some Sharp models will work perfectly with the watch.

The AIBATO M is set for a July 1 release in Japan and no no pricing info available at the moment.

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