Imaging that you are hell of tired after work, go home. What would be better then taking a shower then enjoying a freeze beer afterwards? But the question is who the hell will do that for you? Your wife? girlfriend? or your mom? Nobody? Okay let Asashi do it.


The ‘Asahi BeerBot AKA Asahi Robocco’ is a beer pouring robot. It can store and refrigerate up to six cans of your favorite brew. Its features include: a programmable voice, (male, female or even custom) a cleaning mode, and a child lock to keep your toddlers sober. Included in the package are two custom glass mugs, 6 foam cup bases, plastic floor protector and instructions in English and Japanese.

Asahi maybe is the most useless and yet at the same time most incredible use of robotic technology.  However, it is indeed really cute!

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