Well, this look pretty cool – the Lav Nav Motion Activated Toilet Nightlight. Despite the red and green light use for illumination in the night, it also come with other more practical purpose. Couples who are married or at least using the same bathroom will steer clear of many arguments with this innovative gadget.

The lights come with different colors is for a reason. It is His and Her Toilet Light. For him, if the seat is up, red lighting provides the perfect guiding light. For her, red tells her the seat is up, while green indicates the seat is down. So you can clearly know that if the seat is up or down in the dark.  After you leave, this nightlight automatically turns itself off.  Best of all, the gentle illumination for both him and her means you will get back to sleep quickly because your eyes remain comfortably adjusted to the dark, ready for more sleep.

This gadget is convenient and easy to install, it simply sticks onto the lid with a piece of double stick tape and runs on only 2 AA batteries.