Are you you are looking for quality made table lamps for your décor? As we know Table lamps are one of the most important components for adding warmth, style, and value to your home and décor.

Lighting is an integral part in the mood and function of a room. When you are decorating a room, take into account what activities you are looking to achieve in that room. This will help to determine the type of lighting that will help to enhance the experience.

Here are few modern designed lamps :

1.Energy Efficient LED Element Touch Lamp


Size: 3″ W x 13″ L x 13″ H

Cool and curvaceous chrome! The Arc Touch Lamp is both sleek and stylish. Simply touch the surface to activate the super-bright LED light. Perfect for home or office.

2.Energy Efficient LED Luminance Table Lamp


Size: 2″W. x 8″L. x 18″H.

An update from your normal desk lamp, the three strips of bright white LEDs make this perfect for seeing your work, and also good for the environment! Additionally, the wave-shaped acrylic base glows vivid blue to add mood. Top available in Silver or Black.

3.Radiance Table Lamp


Size: 5.25″ W. x 13″ H.

Totally Tube-ular! Clear tube is filled with dozens of clear acrylic rocks surrounding multi-colored LEDs. As the colors slowly phase, the rocks catch and refract the light for a dazzling effect. Flip the switch and set the color to brilliant bright white! Faux silver base. UL listed power supply included.

4.Firefly Table Lamp


Product Size: 6.5″ W. x 30″ H.

Try to catch these colorful lights. With vibrant, multi-colored sconces spiraling into whimsical designs, you can twist the arms to create your own artistic display. These glass sconces each take 10 watt halogen bulbs and feature a clean chrome finish.

5.Fuente Table Lamp


Size: 6.5″W. x 24″H.

A shower of light from ten wire arms reflects off the chrome of the Fuente lamp for an elegant glow. A Fuente table lamp becomes a striking work of art when used as the only light source in a room. Glass sconces diffuse the light of ten watt halogen bulbs. Lamps include sets of white and blue sconces.

Special Note: The arms of the Fuente lamp do not pull and bend to form different shapes.

6.Cala Lamp


Size: 8″ W. x 22″ H.

Resembling a vase of Cala Lilies, the Cala lamp adds delicate refinement to your table. Steel arms support six white frosted glass sconces that take 10 watt halogen bulbs.