For those who want to burn their body’s calories, here got a new gadget that can help you reduce your calories in a proper way – the SportBand wristwatch. The watch is a device that monitors steps and allows runners to check time, pace, distance and calories burned at a glance.


“The watch face is a detachable LINK that captures all the run data from a sensor located in the runner’s Nike+ ready footwear. Once a run is completed, the LINK plugs into a computer via a USB socket so data can then be sent to where a runner’s progress is tracked.

The new SportBand offering is specifically targeted at runners who choose not to run with music and for those times when you can’t use music. By using Nike+, runners also get an easy access to the global Nike+ Community via the internet where they can track their workouts individually or alongside other runners from around the world. The Nike+ website helps runners monitor their running experience with dynamic graphs that compare distance and time between single sessions, as well as weekly and monthly totals.”…Gizmag


The design of SportBand wristwatch is so cool, it just look like a kind of fashion wrist band. No wonder Nike has successfully into the ‘sport fashion’ industry.

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