You maybe use a ring to propose to a girl, or simply for fashion accessory. But guess what, a ring can do more than that. Of course what I meant here is not a regular ring that you see, it is a ring called Capt. Jules’ Extraordinary Telescope Ring.

As the name suggested, the ring can be used as a telescope. However, the ring also can be used as magnifying glass and compass too!  It’s made of lightweight aluminum with an aged bronze finish, making it both stylish and multifunctional. It’s light, but fairly sturdy and also surely will get all kinds of attention from your Steampunk-loving friends.


Capt. Jules’ Extraordinary Telescope Ring spec:

  • Cast metal ring that transforms into a small telescope
  • Two lenses fold out and then slide apart to correct focal length
  • The larger lens can be folded 180 degrees to act as a magnifying lens
  • A small magnetic compass is in the main body of the ring
  • Lightweight cast aluminum construction makes this big ring easy to wear
  • Steampunk finish of bronze with rubbed black patina
  • Comes in a tin suitable for gifting
  • Attachments included will adjust the ring to fit various sizes