Here has a good news for women in this world. A new device has been invented by Dr. David Watmough – the Breastlight where women can use it to monitor changes to their breasts over time – right from the comfort of their own home.


“The Breastlight has already helped at least one woman during trial. Dorothy McCormick, a former nurse, was one of the first women to try the device. The 57-year-old grandmother had initially gone to her doctor due to pain in her left breast. The doctor diagnosed it as mastitis, or inflammation of the breast tissue. Antibiotics were prescribed to her, but the pain persisted. She heard through a friend of the trials for the Breastlight and decided to try it out.

“In my left breast it showed up small dark areas which suggested there could be new blood vessels growing,” stated McCormick. She returned to her doctor and insisted on a mammogram and biopsy, which confirmed she had a 2cm tumor.  Another patient was reportedly able to see her tumor receding as she went through treatment.

Development of the Breastlight was funded by a £2million (~$3 million USD) investment by PWB Health, a British firm. The company states that the Breastlight is intended to be used as part of an ongoing breast awareness routine, and aims to help women become more familiar with how their breasts look and feel. It is not intended to replace a clinical breast examination or mammogram, but instead serve as a “valuable personal aid that supports and encourages women to be breast aware”.

The Breastlight has been used by women in the United Kingdom since November 2008.
The company claims that results have been extremely favorable with women that have large or lumpy breasts who find self-examinations of their breasts difficult. Most have found that the device is easy to use and has become a part of their regular breast awareness routine. It gives them more confidence when they are checking their breasts, since many are unsure whether to report any lumps that they may find. “ from DailyTech.


I have been told that men also has the risk of having breast cancer, so someday I might need this too. I think it is better for me to check myself instead of let the nurses ‘grope’ around my breast, it kinda embarrassing.