Pasta is a simple dishes to make, but it is also easy to screw up when you boiling the noodles.  Normally, the pasta pack has indicate the duration to boil a perfect pasta, however we tend to forget the timing because you maybe busy chopping the onions or just happened somebody call you, and when you concentrate do other things, you ignore the timing. But with Al Dente Singing Pasta Timer, you won’t make that mistake again.


Al Dente Singing Pasta Timer is a gadget that make to reminds you when your noodles is ready. Simply place the food-safe timer in the boiling water along with the noodles and you are free to do other things. And after about 7 minutes, you’ll hear 30 seconds of the “Triumphal March” from Aida; at 9 minutes, the “Chorus of Hebrew Slaves” from Nabucco; and at 11 minutes, the “La Donna mobile” from Rigoletto.  Therefor you will know what is the perfect time to get your noodles out of the water.  So depending on how long you want your pasta cooked, just let Al Dente be your ultimate pasta cooking guide.