The ‘Noooodle’ Spaghetti Measure & Trivet designed by Konstantin Slawinski is an ingenious multi-functional cooking gadget. This looks unusual but is amazingly smart – it’s both a trivet and a measuring device for pasta at the same time. One part trivet, for your hot pans, and one part spaghetti measure! All put together into a beatiful design that you can leave on your counter.

How does it work?

noooodle-4Easy, just guide your pasta through one of the 4 different openings to see how many you will need for 2, 3, 4 or more people.

noooodle-3Once the right amount is chosen, the Noooodle (4 holes, hence 4 O’s.) turns into a trivet for the pot with the pasta before preparation and that’s it!:)

It’s always a treat to find something so simple, so good-looking, and so useful as the noooodle spaghetti measure from konstantin slawinski.