Maybe you already have a step-on trash can at home already. But this new approach that keep your hand clean seem so cool. This iTouchless Stainless-Steel Hands-Free Trash Can  is a 100% hands-free, foot-free operated, lidded waste disposal system.

Just like the infrared water tap, there is a built-in infrared sensor and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Smart-Chip that will help you when you need to open trash can, and do all the openings and closings for you without touching or step-on anything. The cover will open instantly and will close automatically in 5-second after debris has been released and hand moves away. Lid will remain open if debris or hand is within the sensor range.

iTouchless Stainless-Steel Hands-Free Infrared Trash Can-pictures-2iTouchless Stainless-Steel Hands-Free Infrared Trash Can-pictures-1

With the touchless trashcan you will never have to touch that dirty trashcan again and can throw away your eggshells and go right back to cooking.